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Monday 01 May 2006

Body weights and plasma prolactin levels in female rats treated subchronically with ziprasidone versus olanzapine.

By: Kalinichev M, Rourke C, Jones DN.

Behav Pharmacol 2006 May;17(3):289-92

In a putative animal model of antipsychotic drug-induced weight gain, female rats received either vehicle, ziprasidone (2.0, 6.0, 10 mg/kg) or olanzapine (2.0 mg/kg), orally, twice daily, for 7 days. Body weights were assessed daily and prolactin assayed at the end of the regimen. Ziprasidone caused significant weight gain, as did olanzapine, while stimulating distinct patterns of prolactin secretion. Thus, assessment of body weight provides only limited predictive validity in differentiating between weight gain-inducing and weight-neutral drugs.

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