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Monday 16 September 2002

[Olanzapine improves chorea in patients with Huntington's disease]

By: Jimenez-Jimenez FJ, de Toledo M, Puertas I, Baron M, Zurdo M, Barcenilla B.

Rev Neurol 2002 Sep 16-30;35(6):524-5

INTRODUCTION: The main treatment for choreatic movements associated to Huntington s disease are the neuroleptic drugs, however, its use causes long term troubles. CASE REPORTS: We describe two patients with a predominantly choreic Huntington s disease, who experience improvement of choreatic movements after introduction of olanzapine to their treatment, being this drug well tolerated. CONCLUSIONS: The improvement of chorea suggests that olanzapine has a dopaminergic D2 receptors blocking action.

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